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Translation services

We offer fast, reliable and accurate translation services from English into Spanish of press releases, newsletters, handbooks, technical manuals, general business documents, booklets, reports, textbooks, etc. We offer our translation services to a vast array of businesses, ranging from government agencies, legal practices, marketing companies, technology companies, retail      services, and non-profit organizations. Regardless of the size, topic, or deadline, all translations will be done by a highly educated translator with wide linguistic experience and reviewed by an equally qualified proofreader.

If you need translation services in other languages, please do not hesitate to Contact Us. Over the years we have collaborated with other excellent translators, and we are able to help you.

Website translation

In today’s global economy, in a mixed society as ours, language and cultural differences are daily faced. Communication between cultures is the key to business success and expansion. Information and services tailored to the specific cultural and linguistic needs of your target audience improve communication with clients and open new markets.

Translation definitely plays an important role in today’s business world. To have your website translated into Spanish is a big investment, and it only should be done by professionals in the language field. Let us contribute to the expansion of your business. Click here to get a free quote.

Legal translation

Accuracy is extremely important when translating legal documents. Mistakes can carry legal and expensive consequences to the parties involved. Attention to detail and understanding of the legal matters are key to deliver correct translations and avoid all possible misunderstandings, delays, and liability.

At Language & Content Services we offer the perfect combination to obtain high-quality Spanish legal translations. One of our translators, Addy Miró, not only has years of experience in the language field, but she is also a practicing attorney (see About us).

Our translators know and master the legal terminology, both in English and Spanish, and understand how the legal system works. Having that special insight guarantees our clients superior legal translations.

If you or your organization needs Spanish translations of judicial proceedings, summons, contracts, complaints, certificates, etc., we are the translation company for you.

We also provide certified translations. The final document will have a Statement of Accuracy by our English into Spanish certified translator and notary seal. This service has an additional charge.

Translation services for non-profit organizations

There is no doubt that the Hispanic community is growing, and the need for Spanish materials is clear. Over the years we have helped many non-profit organizations pass their message across cultures and communities. We know their audience, its traits, needs, and cultural differences.

Non-profit organizations usually have a wide audience. In many cases, the message is intended to a community that, even sharing a language, is diverse in origin, history and background education. We make sure all these considerations are taken into account when translating or creating content for non-profits.

Our goal is to achieve high-quality documents that follow formal linguistic rules and effectively reach this mixed audience.

We can help non-profit organizations in the translation of their websites, handbooks, educational and promotional materials, press releases, and public communications.


One of our highly qualified translators will read the already translated document against the original English document to check for grammar mistakes, misspelling, mistranslations, and omissions. When needed, the translator will make changes in the writing style to follow linguistic rules of the target language. We ensure that our translations convey the meaning of the original. The final translation will read like its original counterpart. The translation should be culturally relevant and acceptable to the target audience. The communication style of your organization will be maintained.


Once the document is translated and edited, sometimes it is necessary to take a final look to ensure the document is free of errors. One of our highly qualified linguists will read your Spanish document to make sure there are not grammar mistakes, misspellings, or inconsistencies. It will also check the word usage, idiomatic expressions, tone, style and organization.


At times, it is advisable to use original content when communicating your message to audiences of different cultures and backgrounds. This guarantees that the information will be tailored to your intended readers. We offer copywriting services in Spanish. We provide original content for press releases, newsletters, articles, web content, radio, TV, print, and any other media.

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